We at Vivalicious want to give you a better alternative to empty calories such as soda, candy and other beverages with E-substances and additives. We want to contribute to a better public health! In general, one in four people eat meat more than four times a week, and not consuming enough fruit and vegetables. Vivalicious offers a healthy and affordable snack, when there is enough time to make your own healthy drinks in today's stressful everyday life.

Our 'Superfood Smoothies' and 'Introjuice Superfood' are manufactured in Småland, Sweden. When we develop new flavours, we always have as a guideline to use at least 50% Swedish ingredients. One of our greatest challenges today is how we can feed a growing population without the ecosystem we depend on collapsing. We at Vivalicious want to help reduce our negative environmental impact and at the same time improve public health. We do this by:

  • Using glass bottles for environmentally friendly recycling.

  • Our products are produced in Sweden.

  • Using environmentally friendly paper for our labels. Our products are pasteurised so that they do not need to be refrigerated, which resulting in reduced energy consumption.

  • Using local producers and commodities as much as possible to reduce transport pollution.

  • Our innovative products contain less sugar to be a healthy alternative. We have a growing health problem with overweight in society, which is reflected in the overuse of sugar, for example this in turn leads to major health issues such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. We don’t add any unnatural additives and E-substances, we are a natural product and use only natural, raw ingredients.

  • Our motto is 'back to basics'. We support local manufacturers for shorter transports, and we use only environmentally friendly packaging on our products. Our goal is to contribute to more conscious and healthier choices for all of us.

  • Our partners and wholesalers are local, we want to establish long-term relationships and be active in the development of local society.

We love green!

the natural from the plant kingdom

How do we work with sustainability?


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